ORIP XXI Program Complex Updates - At the moment all last versions are in AllInOneORIP_XXI.zip file

Updates for ORIP XXI - the complex of programs intended for studying of isotope transmutations (For information: file version number is coded as the file TIME stamp). Main new features are internal stack/arrays overflow and input/output checkers.
ORIP_XXI_oob.zip - the data file ver.2.24
ChainSolver_exe.zip - ChainSolver code ver.2.41 main program
ChainFinder_exe.zip - ChainFinder code ver.2.22 main program
NKE_exe.zip - NKE code ver.2.28 main program

To install new version simply unpack the archive and overwrite old file with the new one with the same name. (Optionally: save the old file under another name to be on the safe side just in case)

The author: E.G.Romanov
ORIP,Research Institute of Atomic Reactors,Dimitrovgrad-10,433510,RUSSIA

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