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The FREEWARE program Nke_a has been created as a successor of famous NKE code for detailed data on radionuclides properties retrieval.
The program data are:
  • element information;
  • nuclear ground/metastable state properties (half-life and decay channels percentage);
  • decay alpha, beta, gamma, electron, positron radiation information (spectra and lines);
  • fission products yields (for various fissionable target nuclides);
  • thermal neutron cross sections and resonance integrals (capture and fission);
  • fission spectrum average threshold neutron reactions cross sections for (n,p), (n,a), (n,2n), (n,n') and (n,g) reactions.

    Author: E.G.Romanov

    NKE_a is my FIRST Android Application ! Any feedbacks are welcome.

    Download package with text interface for Android devices (2 Mbytes)

    Download package with nuclide map for Android devices (7 Mbytes)

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