Download NKE package for Windows ver.2.26 NKE.ZIP (Total size is about 2.6Mbytes)
Report L-23,4th International Conference on Isotopes,2002,Cape Town,South Africa ReportL23.doc (226Kbytes)

The FREEWARE program NKE (Win32) is developed as a tool for detailed data on radionuclides properties retrieval. Though well-known Nuclide Charts (e.g. KARLSRUHER NUKLIDKARTE, Table Of Isotopes) and a lot of other programs give possibilities to obtain basic information on radioactive materials, NKE overcomes them when one requires quantitative information on the decaying or stable nuclide, especially if it concerns characteristics of the neutron reactions. This problem is especially important when samples are undergoing irradiation in neutron flux of experimental reactor channels to produce valuable isotopes.
That's why NKE was developed in the Division of Radionuclide Sources and Preparations of Federal State Unitary Enterprise "State Scientific Centre of Russia - Research Institute of Atomic Reactors".
The program data are:
  • element information;
  • nuclear ground/metastable state properties (half-life and decay channels percentage);
  • decay alpha, beta, gamma, electron, positron radiation information (spectra and lines);
  • fission products yields (for various fissionable target nuclides);
  • thermal neutron cross sections and resonance integrals (capture and fission);
  • fission spectrum average threshold neutron reactions cross sections for (n,p),(n,a),(n,2n),(n,n') and (n,g) reactions.
    The present version of the program contains data on more than 3000 nuclides (approximately 3700 ground and metastable states). The data were mined from various public data bases. The main program window is a Serge nuclide chart and users can obtain quantitative nuclide information by double clicking the isotope cell of the chart. Having simple clear friendly user interface NKE is proposed to be widely used in both the most complex transmutation and isotope production problems solving (as a data source) and educational processes in the field of nuclear physics and others. The decay calculator and filter utility (included in the program) are very helpful for would-be users. For instance radiologists could filter the program data using various criteria (e.g. half-life,decay modes and particles energies) to choose new promising nuclides with disable characteristics for radiotherapy. Alternative data file loading is available since version 2.20 of NKE code.

    Authors: E.G.Romanov,F.Z.Vakhetov and V.A.Tarasov
    ORIP (Division of Radionuclide Sources and Preparations), Research Institute of Atomic Reactors, Dimitrovgrad-10, 433510, Russia

    Download NKE package for Windows NKE.ZIP (2.6 Mbytes)
    Report L-23,4th International Conference on Isotopes,2002,Cape Town,South Africa ReportL23.doc(226 Kbytes)

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