Download ChainFinder package for Windows (ver 2.20, total size is about 1 Mbyte)

The FREEWARE program ChainFinder (Win32) has been created as a tool for nuclear chain search. It uses the same data as NKE code and takes into account both radioactive decays and possible neutron reactions (threshold ones, thermal neutron captures and neutron induced fission). The user interface is very simple: somebody has to select both the start nuclide state and the finish one, then press 'Find' button and see the results (if any were found). To copy state names to Windows clipboard use the right mouse button pop-up menu.

The author: E.G.Romanov

ORIP, Research Institute of Atomic Reactors, Dimitrovgrad-10, 433510, RUSSIA

Download ChainFinder progran for Windows (ver 2.20, total size is about 1 Mbyte)

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